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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 23, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, the historic sit-in showdown stopping congress in its tracks. as the battle over gun control boils over, house democrats shouting down the speaker. >> radical islam -- >> as the republicans battle back, the fight raging all night long as lawmakers still refuse to leave the floor. also this morning, tornadoes touching down. >> big tornado. >> wild winds rocking the midwest ripping the roof off this gas station and bringing down a radio tower. more than 30 million americans in the storm zone with more fierce weather on the way. midair terror. a passenger making threats midflight forcing the jetliner to make an emergency landing. >> it's a security issue, sir, i
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frequen frequency. >> f-16s scrambling to bring it to safety. walk this way. the new video of pedals the bear standing tall and the mystery returns this morning strutting his stuff around the suburbs, experts stumped at how he does it. ♪ walk this way ♪ talk with way good morning, america. and look who's back? robin roberts. >> great to be back. yes, thank you very much and also back, pedals is back. >> yay. remember. >> doing so well. >> i know, he's back. we had the mystery of pedals. we reported walking on just two legs instead of four. now re-emerged from that suburban neighborhood and get an update on pedals. congress, this was really something to watch overnight. it's still going on right now. this scene playing out on the house floor. some members of congress livestreaming periscoping, even doing facebook live. who knew
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technology? but it's really for a serious effort. they want action on gun control and they want it now but that vote doesn't look like it's going to happen. >> speaker paul ryan doing everything he could to get control to no avail even shutting down the cameras. abc's jon karl is there for us and has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the die-hards are still there. they've been there all night. right now on the house floor even democratic leader nancy pelosi and they've gotten more than 1 million people watching this on twitter alone. overnight a chaotic showdown on the house floor. a protest like we've never seen before. democrats in congress staging a sit-in on the house floor like a bunch of student protesters on a college campus. vowing to stay put until they get votes on gun control measures. >> house in order. >> reporter: the house speaker tries to restore order. >> the chair appreciates that members
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of policy. >> reporter: but democrats refuse to back down. singing and waving signs with the names of victims of gun violence. it went on throughout the night. the house floor sometimes looking like a rowdy slumber party. >> i just brought dunkin' donuts. >> reporter: lawmakers brought in snacks. piles of late night pizza. >> thank you for getting in trouble. >> reporter: leading the revolt, civil rights icon, congressman john lewis. nearly 200 democrats joined in as news of the protest spread, representative keith ellison received this message during a meeting. your mom called and wants you on the floor. democratic senators joined in too including bernie sanders fresh off the campaign trail. >> radical islam -- >> reporter: furious republicans tried turning off the cameras declaring the democrats are breaking the rules.
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undeterred the protesting democrats used their cell phones to broadcast the sit-in on social media. the #nobillnobreak trending number one on twitter. republicans fired back with their own hashtag tweeting stop the stunt. >> this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem. this is trying to get attention. >> reporter: if you look right now we can go to pictures on the house floor, nancy pelosi is talking and keep in mind as you watch these pictures this is being shot by the members of congress themselves using their cell phones and, robin, that is a direct violation of the rules. you are not allowed to take pictures yet alone video inside the house chamber but as you can see right now all bets are off. >> we can see that. people want to know any indication that the republicans will give in to what the democrats are demanding. >> reporter: there is zero indication that's going to happen, robin. republicans say for two reason, one, they don't want to reward
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they say this is a complete breakdown of decorum of the way the house should work but also they point out that the very votes that are being demanded right now by democrats, those bills have already been voted on in the senate and they have failed. so even if there were miracul s miraculously a vote and somehow passed in the house they have already died in the senate. >> so it goes. all right, jon, thank you. >> waiting for the candidates for president to weigh in. in the meantime, we turn to the race for the white house. donald trump unleashing what might be his most blistering attack yet on hillary clinton. abc's tom llamas is at trump tower in new york to break it down. tom, good morning. >> reporter: david, good morning to you. in that hard-hitting speech trump called clinton possibly the most corrupt person to ever run for the white house. clinton says trump is on the attack because he has no real policies or plans to promote. donald trump striking back outlining his new line of attack on hillary clinton. >> she's a world class liar, just look at her
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phony -- >> reporter: as he pivots towards the general election sorts tell abc news trump will repeatedly hammer two points, first, that clinton thinks she's entitled to the presidency. >> her campaign slogan is i'm with her. you know what my response is to that, i'm with you, the american people. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and, second, alleging that she used her cabinet position to benefit herself and the clinton foundation. >> she ran the state department like her own personal hedge fund doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others and really many, many others in exchange for cash, pure and simple, folks. >> reporter: clinton responding by calling trump out for profiting from goods not made in america. something he's campaigned against. >> the clinton foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life-saving
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medicine. [ cheers and applause ] donald trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties. >> reporter: and clinton mocking trump's biggest boast, that he's the ultimate deal maker. >> we can't let donald trump bankrupt america the way he bankrupted his casinos. we need to write a new chapter in the american dream and it can't be chapter 11. >> reporter: as this race gets heated trump is actually leaving the campaign trail for a few days. he's flying to scotland for the re-opening of one of his golf resorts there. but there's already controversy. some of trump's scottish neighbors are raising mexican flags on their properties. robin. >> all right, tom, thank you. we move on to severe storms hitting the midwest. tornadoes ravaging illinois trapping people in their homes. wind guffs up to
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abc's alex perez is in the heart of the storm zone in pontiac, illinois. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. daylight finally giving us a better look at the damage. this storm destroying part of this gas station building and take a look at this right here, this powerful winds completely knocking over this senderblock wall. >> wow. >> reporter: overnight lightning igniting across illinois. transformers can be seen exploding after being struck by bolts. >> just across the highway here. >> reporter: a reported tornado touching down taking out this gas station knocking a tractor trailer to its side and destroying several mobile homes. >> just a thin snake coming out of the sky. >> reporter: truckers opting to pull off roads and wait out the treacherous torrential rains. >> we got to get off the highway. big tornado. >> reporter: several funnel clouds spotted
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fields in the prairie state. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and that chicago soldier field an urgent warning sent fans scrambling for cover. during the soccer match between chile and colombia. streets of rain swamping the stands and maintenance crews creating waves trying to clear all that water off the field so the game could resume. and in minnesota, blinding rains made driving conditions incredibly dangerous for those still on the road. and officials here say at least two people were injured during the storm but luckily those injuries are not life-threatening. robin. >> that is fortunate. all right, alex, thank you very much. i know, ginger, you have more. >> more severe weather at this hour so it's happening now that same chunk of weather has moved to the south and east from kentucky right through west virginia to washington, d.c. this morning where the pga tour has been put on a delay. flash flooding along with severe storms could happen and
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in just near columbus, ohio, just north in a town called delaware a river overflowing because they got anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of rain very quickly and so it's not just this morning the severe storms but the low will pass and then you get another shot this afternoon and evening, cincinnati, charleston, northern kentucky all included in that. damaging wind, we could still see tornadoes and, of course, flash flooding in here. >> drive safely today. thanks so much. we turn to that flight forced to make an emergency landing because of a man allegedly making threats on board, in fact, f-16s were scrambled to escort the flight to safety. abc's david kerley is live at reagan national airport with the latest. david. >> reporter: good morning, david. passengers say this man was acting very strangely, f-16s were scrambled and then pilots in the area were wondering what was going on. pilots flying in and out of tucson confused receiving cryptic messages. >> what's the issue with 29 right? is there a reason we can -- >> it's a security issue. >> reporter: the security issue, two f
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delta jetliner in for an emergency landing. >> i wish i could better for you but be launching you in the face of fighter planes. >> reporter: once the delta jet was on the ground police boarded arresting a man who about an hour into the flight from san antonio to los angeles became uncooperative and a passenger was told he made a threat against the aircraft. >> he was walking up and down the aisle staring at people acting very unusual, anxious, rubbing his chest and wouldn't sit down. >> the suspect caused some sort of verbal disturbance on board the aircraft. this alerted the flight crew. >> reporter: that's when those two f-16s were scrambled as the delta jet made a quick descent. >> you, come to me. >> reporter: ryan healy took this video of the passenger being escorted off the plane in tucson. once he was off, the other passengers were taken off, as well, rescreened before they were able to head on to los angeles.
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man was taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation or to jail and we still don't know whether or not he'll be charged with a crime. >> we'll wait and see. all right, david, thank you. now to what could be a major shake-up around the world. the united kingdom voting right now about whether to stay in the european union. the eu. the results could have a major impact on the economy here at home and abc news chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest from london. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they're calling it the battle for britain. this intense campaign has divided families and friends and it is so close, the latest polls showing that this country's future and perhaps the world economy is on a knife's edge. decision day in the uk and passions are running at a fever pitch. >> your family -- >> what. >> reporter: on one side those argue that britain can regain
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economy by leaving the 28-member european union while the other side says the uk will be poorer and less safe if it cuts itself off from the eu's free trade and shared security. >> why would you deliberately remove yourself? >> i want a better deal for the people of this country. >> reporter: britain's biggest celebrities picking sides, elton john, j.k. rowlings and beckhams voting to stay, same goes for jed dice and spies from daisy ridley to james bond himself daniel craig wearing this shirt, no man is an island. no country by itself. wearing decidedly less elizabeth hurly dressed only in high heels and clutching a union jack pillow. she's for the brexit alongside joan collins and michael caine. markets around the world are jittery with some predicting if britain votes to leave the european union that could tip the world economy into recession and that, of course, would affect every american's
7:14 am
robin and david. >> you want to expand upon that a little bit more how it could affect the 401(k)s here in this country? >> reporter: well, there's no question, robin, that if europe tips into recession and britain is the fifth largest economy in the world, it will be in turmoil. these are large trading partners of the united states and the markets hate the uncertainty of it all. and so with the economy growing so slowly right now, anything could tip it over. >> you said it best there. the uncertainty really drives the markets wild. it is razor thin right now what can happen. terry, thanks so much. to amy with the other stories. >> this is sad. coast guard crews have recovered one body in the search for that family who was sailing off the gulf coast. they say they are trying to stay positive but they have made another heartbreaking discovery. look at that. they found tennis shoes, water bottles of the kayaks and life jackets. they say likely all belonged to 45-year-old ace kimberly and his
7:15 am
they were last heard from on sunday while sailing from sarasota to ft. myers, florida, in six-foot seas. the search resumes this morning. well, louisiana sheriff says the shooting of one of his deputies in new orleans was cold blooded murder. police say a teen suspect shot david michele twice because he didn't want to go back to jail for violating his probation. deputy michele is the fifth officer to die in the line of duty in louisiana this year alone. well, new concern about the safety of some of the most popular suvs out there. crash test results show the front seat passengers in many small suvs are not as well protected as the drivers, only one out of seven models earned a good rating for passenger safety. that was the hyundai tucson and most others were rated only acceptable or marginal. the toyota rav-4 was rated poor. a major milestone in air travel overnight. the first plane to cross the atlantic ocean using only solar power h
7:16 am
the solar impulse left new york city on monday. its next stop is abu dhabi where the plane began its round the world journey more than a year ago. >> thank you. the official estimate is in. 1.3 million people showed up for the cleveland cavaliers victory parade thursday. that is more than three times the city's actual population. fans scaled a parking garage. i'm told port-a-potties, whatever they needed to get on top of to get that view of lebron james and the nba champs. it's been 52 years since their last championship. they're literally climbing the walls. they're so happy. people were describing this when they came from all over the country as a pilgrimage, religious overtones. serious business in cleveland. >> 52 years they waited for that. >> a long time. >> enjoy. thanks, amy. got to switch gears now, that dangerous mission in the south pole to save two sick workers. we can report this morning success as the rescue plane was
7:17 am
able to fly those workers to safety. abc's alex marquardt has been following this story from the beginning. >> reporter: the first glimpse this morning of the two crew members arriving safely from the south pole in chile. one being carried out of an ambulance on a stretcher before being taken to an undisclosed medical facility. it was a daring, high-risk mission to one of the hardest places to reach on the planet. the small twin otter turboprop plane seth sitting down at the south pole taxiing on its skis. >> the most dangerous flying you can do in the word. there's so much risk here and so much unknown, what is really impressive how routine this actually appeared. >> reporter: the piles had flown 1500 miles through antarctica's 24-hour winter darkness. it's constantly changing weather. landing on the ice and snow in temperatures averaging minus 70 degrees. just a few hours later, after resting and filling the plane with specially heated jet fuel, the pilots took off again, the two patients on board. they flew from the south pole ck
7:18 am
station they had come from. the patients switching planes there and flying on to chile. just the third time in 60 years that a midwinter rescue has been attended. >> they're putting crews in danger. putting lots of people supporting those crews in danger. so these people had to be really sick and it was a tough decision to make. >> reporter: the national science foundation which runs that south pole station isn't revealing what the patients are suffering from or where they're being taken. but this morning, as far as the harrowing rescue goes, it could not have gone better. david. >> those pilots who flew through darkness 24 hours a day, incredible. thanks, alex. right back over to ginger. we talked about the storms. now the heat. >> you know that's part of the fuel from tulsa to evansville and paducah. heat advisories, 105 feels like in little rock. 101 in fayetteville.
7:19 am
and gusty wind. thunderstorms may redevelop this afternoon and evening. a few could be severe. warm and muggy in the mid 80s. overnight the storms come to an end with mostly cloudy skies. lows around 70. partly sunny on friday with isolated t-showers. a nice weekend with seasonable temperatures in the mid 80s. unsettled early next week. coming up here on "gma," the iraq vet
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. this is a good morning washington update. heavy rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds can be expected through ten, maybe 11:00 o'clock this is correct. i think we'll get a breaking and entering in the action in the midday hours with more isolated or scattered storms. some of the thunderstorms could be severe. we have a risk of that across our region. the weekend is looking better with temperatures mt. mid to upper 80s . it's going to be a he have slow pace for almost everyone around the region. we have quite a few fender benders to talk about but mostly congestion. as you can see here, southbound i-270 you are on the
7:24 am
also a crash eastbound
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7:26 am
. good morning washington. here's a check of your hop stories. a big ruling in baltimore is now less than three hours away. at ten this morning, a judge is expected to announce his victim in the trial of baltimore police officer caesar good son. he's charged with second degree murder in the death of freddie gray. right now the maryland national guard is on standby in case of protests and we'll bring that verdict do you live . a search is on for a hit-and-run driver. a car struck a motorcyclist near the intersection with pennsylvania avenue. rescue crews rushed the victim tonight in critical condition. police have not released a description yet of the car. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good
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newschannel8 right now. and now we'll send it
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we welcome you back to "gma." looking live at something we've never seen before. a sit-in on the floor of the house and they're livestreeping from their own phone, something they're not supposed to do but want to get their message out fighting for a gun control vote. >> yeah, uncharted territory using social immediate ka to get the word out. stunning pictures of the wreckage. storm damage turning over big rigs. of course, the blinding rain making driving treacherous and powerful storms will spread east and ginger is tracking that. congress did reach an agreement in the middle for funding the battle against seek chasm the measure calling for $1.1 billion to fight the virus. and then there are reports this morning about what the president may be doing after leaving office. could he be buying an nba team? all e
7:31 am
coming up. >> or maybe he'll just play. >> he does love to play. we do know that. developments in an alleged murder-for-hire plot involving an ex-marine surged celebrity chef. she has been charged for the crime after being brought down in a police sting operation. abc's gio benitez is here with the details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you. a grand jury indicting her this week and listen to this, she's accused of trying to use her new boyfriend to kill her ex-boyfriend. but that new boyfriend wouldn't do it and he spilled the beans. this morning, 30-year-old laura ann buckingham, marine turned baker is facing serious charges that alleged she hired a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend. >> after my last appointment i moved up to albany, indiana and started selling breads on the side of highway 150. >> reporter: on tuesday a grand jury indicting the marine who spent two tours in iraq before coming home. opening this bakery in indiana and becoming a local
7:32 am
chef, even gracing the cover of this lifestyle magazine. >> i started selling at different farmers' markets and couldn't keep up with the demand. >> reporter: but police say the wanna-be model had a darker side wanting to end a contentious custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, bradley sutherland, father the of their 3-year-old by having him murdered. >> i thought it was a joke. in all honesty we all thought we were being punked for a short period of time. >> reporter: police allege buckingham even recruit the her new boyfriend, joseph chamblin to help kill him. they say he told them about the alleged plot. authorities setting up an undercover sting where buckingham allegedly paid a $300 deposit. the total cost, 3,000 bucks. locals say the community is in shock. >> no one would ever imagine. she was well liked because what she gave back to the community after she came
7:33 am
serving. >> reporter: but as for her ex -- >> i don't feel angry. i feel kind of sad she felt the way she did that she had to do that to try to take my son from me. >> reporter: and buckingham is now out on $150,000 bail. she's wearing an ankle monitor. abc news has not been able to reach her lawyer but we know she'll face a judge on monday, robin. >> that we do know, for more let's bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. the credibility of the boyfriend, how important is that. >> he turns her in and typically in a indication like this he'd be critical. the reason he's not that important is because the tennessee authorities literally go in, they go undercover, they get a deposit from her to go ahead and commit this crime. then they show her pictures of what she thinks is now her dead ex and she then pays the remainder of the money. the authorities say, so that's going to become the critical point in this and as a
7:34 am
less important. >> so with all that what does the defense say? >> i think she's going to end up pointing the finger at him, at the guy who turned her in. you know, because they're two sort of exes at this point and if she does that, he then becomes the focus of the defense. i think she's going to argue he set me up. this was his money. he's the one who wanted me to do this. he's the one who was pushing for this. i never really wanted that. we'll have to see exactly what it'll be. >> what possible sentencing is she faceing? >> well, she could face if convicted like 15 to 60 years but you have to wonder whether there's going to be some sort of deal here, right. this is someone who friends say was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. does the victim meaning the father of her child not want to really move forward with this? >> it seems to be the case. >> i think he's got a level of sympathy for her and if that happens, you could see a deal here where maybe she gets a few years in prison. remember, she's out on $150,000 bail. it's not
7:35 am
>> isn't she pregnant too. >> she is pregnant. she is pregnant. presumably with the child of the same guy who ended up turning her in. >> maybe that will play too. >> right. that's a big question mark. i think that could end up being a factor in this case and come up possibly as part of the defense. >> we'll see what happens. all right, dan, thank you. we turn to that bizarre story of a texas woman who woke up from surgery with a thick british accent of the rare condition is called foreign accent syndrome and apparently there's no known cure. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on this. hey, mara. >> hey, david, good morning. imagine waking up from surgery sounding like a completely different person. at first this woman's doctor thought it was due to swelling, her kids thought she was faking it. but it's actually something very real. mom of three lisa alamia is a born and bred texas girl. >> i say you all the time before the accident once i got the
7:36 am
said you are. >> reporter: is from england. it all started in december of 2015. she went in to surgery to fix an overbite and came out with a new british accent. >> i've never been outside of the country except for a mission trip to mexico and that's definitely not where my accent came from. >> reporter: listen to her voice before in a video her family made for their church. >> you guys have inspired us and befriended us and we love you. >> reporter: and today. >> i was very shocked. very -- i didn't know how to take it. i was very confused. >> reporter: so just how does something like this happen? it's an extremely rare medical condition called foreign accent syndrome. only about 100 reported cases ever. alamia's neurologist ran a full battery of tests but says everything came back normal. >> to know that she's not faking it, not making this up gets just such a rare condition that even
7:37 am
don't believe that this is the real condition. >> reporter: while the accent can die mennish over time it can also be permanent and there is no known cure. now alamia plans to start speech therapy but has a message that sounds great regardless of the accent. >> you're still you. this accent doesn't define you. you are who you are. >> reporter: now it's most often caused by trauma or stroke but her doctors will keep doing tests to get to the bottom of it. part of the small 15% not due to head trauma. >> doctors say it is a real thing and i was struck by what she said. she'd only ever traveled to mexico. she hadn't even been exposed to the british accent. >> a woman from kansas woke up with an irish accent. so it can be an accent that you don't necessarily know is in you but it's in you. >> fascinating. >> does it wear off. >> it has gotten better over the last seven months but t
7:38 am
be as good as it gets. it may be like this for the rest of her life. her kids are no longer scared because in texas a british accent is not intimidating. >> she wants that back so the kids will listen. to amy and the big board. >> coming up, obama's next career move could be nba? the stanford d.a. fighting back. tyra banks weighing in on the supermodel war. why she is speaking out passionately. we'll be back in two minutes. our bright, bold ocean spray craisins® dried cranberries transform everything. to show you, we're doing a taste test. but don't i need a fork? not for this taste test. which salad tastes better? "b." and which oatmeal is bursting with flavor? obviously "b." and... "b," "b," "b," and... mmm. ..."b." add a bright, bold taste to every bite. craisins® dried cranberries.
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you add a second line. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. talking about that accent. we have it covered. >> we do. we know what was going on there, not. time for the big board. our team of insiders ready to weigh in of the first up a potentially new career for president obama? reports are coming out when he leaves the white house in january, he is eyeing ownership of an nba team so jon karl is back with us with that story.
7:41 am
jon, i'm pretty sure owning an nba team is kind of expensive. what are you hearing? >> it is. and, you know, the president has said in the past that he fant sides about being part of an ownership team of an nba team. but he just yesterday white house press secretary josh earnest said it again, said the president would be very interested in being part of an ownership team. almost like he's putting up in big neon letter, let me be part of a time. obviously he would have to have wealthy partners. he has money but not that kind of cash. >> i remember the press pool was waiting off air force one, the president did not emerge and finally the first family walks up to the plane because they were watches the cavs and did not want to miss the end of the dame. >> the president is the ultimate basketball fan. you know, david, he has some experience as a basketball coach. he coached for a little while sasha's middle school team. so he's got a little bit of experience and check this out, i love this video. this is from
7:42 am
the president actually was taking time to show steph curry how to hit a three-point shot. >> so we know that he was really interested in those two teams. any idea like what team he might be looking at getting into? >> well, you know, the bulls, the chicago bulls, that's the team he loves, of course, that is one of the most expensive franchises in all of professional sports and jerry reinsdorf shows no interest in selling it but he'll be living in washington for two years after leaving the white house. the washington wizards are here. who knows. maybe an expansion team. maybe a team in hawaii. >> how was sasha's record? how did that team for the record. >> they had a little bit of a problem and wanted to spend too much time practicing their three-point shots and couldn't quite reach the rim. >> jon karl, one of our insiders, thanks. jeff rosen fresh off the trial of brock turner is proposing a new law for those convicted of sexual assault and let's get right to sunny hostin. our
7:43 am
>> in california, if you sexually abuse someone but use force, you got to go to prison. you get mandatory prison time. but in california at this point in time, if you sexually assault an unconscious or intoxicated person you can get probation. does that mean that a sexual assault when you're intoxicated, drunk or unconscious is less horrific? well, this d.a. says no. this d.a. is proposing a law to make sure that if you sexually assault someone that is drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, unconscious, you go to prison. i say bravo. bravo. >> a lot of people are saying that. we all know there was so much anger and outrage over that six-month sentence so could we see other d.a.s follow suit in other states across this country? >> no question about it. 80 to 90% of survivors of campus sexual assault don't report. those survivors say they don't report because they don't think anything is going to happen to their attackers. d.a.s across the country
7:44 am
the message to survivors that if people assault you, they will go to prison. >> sunny, we know that there was outrage over the sentence but i -- i mean that 12-page powerful written statement that was released that that victim said aloud in court how much of an impact do you think that had on what we're seeing now. >> a significant impact. a huge impact. who hasn't read that letter? who hasn't listened to that heartfelt plea from that survivor that says, this is what happens to me. this is what sexual assault does to someone. even the vice president, vice president biden weighed in. i think that that was a watershed moment for survivors of sexual assault all across our country. we hear them now loud and leer. >> the power of social media now giving them a voice. >> sunny, thank you very much for that. want to turn to the latest wrinkle in the supermodel wars, tyra banks weighing in on the mul multigenerational feud that's sprung up between stephan
7:45 am
more, gigi ha dead and banks saying it's tearing her apart. "us weekly" reporter danai gurira join joining us now. and they are not supermodels and used a choice phrase to describe what she would call them. tell us what is happening. >> that she did. there is a generational feud happening between supermodels seven ni seem more talked to "vanity fair" all about how the supermodel is a term of the past. and she specifically talked about kendall and gigi saying they are witches with a "b" of the moment. kendall did not like it and took to her website saying women should be coming together and supporting one another, not cyberbullying one another. she said that she looked up to stephanie and said that if you want to call her a supermodel that is a relative term and it doesn't take away anything from the past. and like you said tyra banks has
7:46 am
statement on her website and kind of understands both sides. she understands that the old school supermodels, you know, they had to really pound the pavement to get their voice out there but the new models have social media but they always have to be on. it's a lot of pressure, you know, to be constantly updating and interacting with fans but she kind of hopes everybody comes together and forms the ultimate supermodel squad. >> peace in the supermodel world. >> exactly. >> christina, you'll keep us posted? thanks so much. when we come back here, the "us weekly" magazine, the new issue is on the stands. pedals, you know pedals, the bear that walks on two legs. >> who looks like a man in a bear suit. >> it is a real bear. you heard it here and he's back. remember, it's good news. he's made a big comeback. i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car?
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7:49 am
>> thanks, demi. in today's "hot shot" the curious case of pedals the walking bear. we've been covering pedals for years but he's been m.i.a. since december until now. there's the video. pedals just spotted strolling through someone's backyard seemingly healthy despite his injured front paws which causes had him to walk like a human as you can see. experts believe at one point he may have been hit by a car and that he's had to adapt. take a look at what jack hanna has to say. >> this animal may go ahead and continue to walk on his back legs and survive. when i saw the animal it looks like he's being habituated saying he's used to people. the longer this goes on the more he'll rely on people to survive. >> we used to joke where is the zipper but pedals really is a bear and does have those injured front paws. last year there was an outcry where pedal s roam to move him o an orphan site. a go fund
7:50 am
but officials said he's better off in his natural habitat and he has survived. he's strolling around so be on the lookout if you're in area of new jersey for what looks like a man in a bear suit, fyi, it's not. >> yeah. >> it is not. >> thank you for that update, lara. "deals & steals" and tory johnson with great ways to look cool this summer and save big. the woman who came back from a vacation with zika and how she fought back and what you need to know. coming up, "gma's" summer grilling is brought to you by las vegas. summer like nowhere else.
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it's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express. back here on "gma" a stunning and sad image i wanted to bring to you from the wildfires. if you love tropical palm tree, this was a nursery of palms that has burnt in that border fire in southeastern california.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
rain is moving through our region. >> heavy rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds can be expected through ten, maybe 11:00 o'clock this morning. i think we'll get a breaking and entering in the action in the midday hours can more isolated or scattered storms late this afternoon. some of our thunderstorms could be severe. we have a slight risk of ha across our region. damaging winds and flash flooding will be our big concerns. the weekend is looking better can temperatures in the mid to upper eights, sun. >> the rain certainly slowing us down even more, getting to the beltway on all of our corridors. i want to also show you a
7:57 am
distraction on 66. they moved everything over to the shoulder at 28th and centerville, but we've also been dealing with a westbound crash on 66. the capitol beltway, the outer loop jammed solid. all travel laned are open. right now the house has adjourned but has a sit in from democratic lawmakers to protest gun control is still going strong. their protests sent the house discussion well into the early hours. but even now some democrats are still on the floor saying they will not leave until there's a vote on gun control reform . and today's weather leading to a two hour delay at congressional country club in bethesda for the start of the pga tournaments. a few
7:58 am
ricky fowler and and others will be there. you can get more updates on good morning washington on newschannel8 right now. now back over to "good morning america." have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking overnight, midnight showdown. the historic sit-in, congress, chaos in the house. the fight for gun control boiling over. >> rise up, americans. >> after 17 hours on the floor, the democrats vow they'll be back. the political battle raging in washington this morning. the zika scare, the american woman on her way to a wedding suddenly falling ill. a victim of zika virus. >> you sort of think that it's not going to happen to you. >> reporter: this morning her alarming story and dr. ashton is here with the scary symptoms to watch out for. elizabeth banks reveals her run-in with ageism. the movie role she was deemed too hold to play opposite an actor only one year younger. we'll tell you why the odds were
8:01 am
>> get ready to get cool. tory has sizzling "deals & steals" and talking super savings just in time for summer as we say -- >> good morning, america! ♪ welcome to my house adorable. good morning, america. it's thursday, happy friday eve. you know what that means, it means tory johnson and huge "deals & steals" and the savings this morning, what you need for summer, up to 71% off. >> not 70. >> 71% off. > we're also here with sheryl sandberg and her lean in campaign. >> i saw her yesterday and she's doing so well. she is opening up about getting ahead in business with the help of women. she also talks about life right now without her husband dave. learning to lean in now
8:02 am
sickle mom as so many women do each and every day. i know you have some movie news. >> i do have some movie news. weary from the cast of "independence day: resurgence," liam hemsworth revealing what it was like to follow in none other than will smith's footsteps. >> it's been 20 years? >> that's crazy. >> no way. >> i was stalling so amy could get over there. we turn to amy now with the morning rundown. >> i salute you. the big story this morning, the historic sit-in on capitol hill. house democrats staining a dramatic push for gun control digging in with pillows and blankets singing and chanting even shouting down house speaker paul ryan. and when the cameras were shut off, well, they turned to social ma media to get the message out. jon karl has all of that. jon. >> reporter: good morning. this is something like we have just never seen before on capitol hill. a full-blown sit-in on the house floor. it has gone throughout the night, still g
8:03 am
democrats demanding to get votes on a series of gun control bills, republicans tried to override them, tried to continue on with the house business, late last night as you can see it didn't work very well. >> house be in the order. the chair wishes to make an announcement regarding the decorum in the house chamber. >> reporter: but republicans say they'll continue on with the house business. the democratic protesters say that they have no plans to leave until they can get their votes. republicans point out, by the way, even if they get their votes the very bills that they are demanding votes on have already been voted on in the senate and they have been voted down. amy. >> all right, jon, thank you for the latest. investors on wall street closely watching the historic vote under way right now across the pond. british citizens deciding whether to remain part of the european union. polls say the vote is too close to call. many analysts fearing a british exit from the eu could send
8:04 am
economy. well, several homes and buildings have been damaged after more than a dozen reported tornadoes touched down in northern illinois overnight. at least two people have been seriously injured. winds reaching 100 miles per hour and in chicago's soldier field lightning and sheets of rain sent 50,000 soccer fans running for cover, flash flooding reported from iowa to indiana and ohio. a verdict is expected this morning in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. caesar goodson drove the van and it led to days of unrest in that city. an important health alert this morning about fighting the flu. a cdc committee is saying the popular flumist nasal spray should not be used during the upcoming flu season. researchers say the flumist was only 3% effective last year while the traditional flu shot was more than 60% effective. and finally y
8:05 am
big money by just staring into a bag of cheetos. the online cheetos museum, yes, that is an actual thing, is offering $150,000 in prize money to the people who send in the best pictures looking for the mona lisa of cheetos. yeah, they want cheetos that resemble unique shapes, in the shape of state, letters, animals, people. someone even sent in -- you got to look at this. that is her baby, alec made entirely out of cheetos. i love what the frito-lay woman said, cheetos are like clouds. you see different things when you look at each one. i encourage you to find whatever shape -- >> go to town, people. >> i want the cheetos. >> you can take that portrait down. >> what's popping. elizabeth banks is
8:06 am
revealing her road to stardom hasn't always been pitch perfect if you will. she's saying she auditioned to play mary jane watson in the spider-man franchise when she was 28 years old, that would be just a year older than tobey but she was told by producers, sorry, you are too old. the part of mary jane ended up going to kirsten dunst who was 18 at the time. banks says producers offered her another role as a secretary in the movie as a, quote, consolation prize for what she claims is clear proof that ageism in hollywood is worse than a comic book villain. wow. >> 28. >> that is like jaw droping. >> exactly. >> i love her. >> yeah. >> talented. >> just a little food for thought to go on with the whole cheetos theme. "pop news," for you budding screenwriters, wanting to pen the next great tv show or movie, how about having none other than
8:07 am
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8:08 am
get his fix with a new brew. they're teaming up with new belgium again to create a special batch of chocolate chip cookie dough ale. they did it last year with salted caramel brownie brown ale so now, you know, not digging this? >> is it chunky. >> i have a belly ache just thinking about that and i like beer. >> listen, all for a great cause. you can get your flavor fix with a refreshing brewski and proceeds go to protect our winters, a nonprofit that raises aware ne awareness on climate change. >> or make a donation. >> i got you one of those hats with the thing that goes right into your mouth. >> just a chaser. >> anyway, that's "pop news" and jesse palmer, where are you? he has taken over because i've tripped once too many times trying to make it out there. >> on the "gma morning menu," one woman's battle with zika
8:09 am
out for. plus, a "gma" exclusive with facebook's sheryl sandberg on life as a single pom and her new campaign to celebrate the power of women giving each other the support they need. plus, tory is here with "deals & steals" that will have your entire family styling this summer. all coming up on "gma" live right here in times square. honey, did you call the insurance company? not yet, i'm... folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to rake themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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8:14 am
>> so much power but she wields it so compassionately and responsibly. >> she supported my work and she made me believe -- >> kerry washington and abby wambach and on and on helping sheryl sandberg and her campaign for lean in. we'll have more on that coming up but right now to the growing concerns about zika at home here in the u.s. a new york woman who contracted the virus while on vacation is opening up about her experience. jesse palmer, you have her story in the social square? that's right. after a relaxing summer vacation christie rutherford came home feeling like her body was falling apart. her frightening symptoms leading to the dreaded diagnosis of the zika virus. fresh off a five-day trip in tropical paradise "harper's bazaar" senior editor chrissy rutherford returning with this. >> you think it's not going to happen t
8:15 am
way to a wedding three days after arriving home to new york city from her jamaican vacation. >> i'm sitting on the train and i start taking a selfie as one does when they're on the train by themselves on the way to a wedding and, yeah, when i saw my skin, my heart just started pounding. >> reporter: that face rash coming after two days of leg soreness and joint stiffness. what was causing the sims. >> a lightbulb went off and i thought i think i could have zika virus. >> reporter: after a google search and two trips to the doctors a urine test confirmed her fears. rutherford contracted zika. according to the cdc, more than 750 people in 45 states have reported cases of zika. the virus spreads through mosquito bites and can be transmitted through unprotected sex presenting risk force pregnant women including links to birth defects and their unborn babies. no plea description to cure it she spent the next ten days suffering through her illness. >> i was just feeling so
8:16 am
even once i got up on my feet, it was going to be painful. >> reporter: now nearly two weeks later rutherford says she's finally starting to feel like herself and ready to share her experience with her readers at "harper's bazaar". >> a lot of people aren't aware of what it's like to have this virus. >> chrissy admits she did not wear bug spray, something we should always remember to do. >> that's right, jess. joining us dr. jennifer ashton and so this woman, she said she was thankful she felt the symptoms because many times you don't when you have this. >> yeah, she was pretty sick, robin. take a look at her symptoms. classic symptoms for zika. she had them all, fever, that rash started on her face spread to her entire body. joint pain, pretty severe. pink eye, con junth right 'tis, muscle pain and headache. she felt really, really sick for quite some time. >> she went to the doctor not once but twice. >> be persistent. make
8:17 am
where you've been. every doctor should always ask you about your travel history and then testing is both with blood and urine. urine can be the more accurate test, the virus stays in the urine longer than in the blood. >> it's vacation season. what do people do if they are preparing to travel to an area that has that. >> this story reminds us it's not just an issue for pregnant women and the men in their lives. so you have to ask yourself how important is it i go away, know where zika is prevalent. look at the map and go to the cdc site. it is in a lot of places and then you have to take those common precautions, use repellent, cover up. is it possible to remove all risk of getting a single mosquito bite? it's pretty hard. >> yeah, it is. that new case in ohio where the man transferred it to his wife. >> sexual transmission and people really need to pay attention to this, robin. so the recommendations for men if they have been diagnosed with a case of zika, they are recommended to use condoms or abstain from sex for at least a
8:18 am
six-month period. if they have just been to a zika area the recommendations are to use condoms or obtain for eight weeks. the issue is four out of fight people infected may show no symptoms. if you want to err on the side of caution -- >> four out of five do not show these symptoms. >> that's right. >> that's scary. >> we'll be on top of this. get ready for "deals & steals" and big summer savings on the hottest styles. come on back. shcloth! that's charmin ultra strong, dude. cleans so well... keeps your underwear cleaner. (secretly) so could wear them a second day. tell me i did not just hear that! (sheepishly) i said you could... not that you would! ...charmin ultra strong with its washcloth-like texture, helps clean better than the leading flat-textured bargain brand. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less it cleans better. (to different boy) you should try it, "skidz." we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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tory johnson is bringing us some summer styles and this morning's "deals & steals," we're talking massive, massive deals, up to 70 -- not 70, 71% off. why the extra one? >> why not the extra one. let's get starred. accessory concierge combines three trends in one, straw, pom-poms and a clutch. five fabulous colors to choose from and an amazing price. normally these pieces are $38, already a good deal, slashed by 53%, 18 bucks today. >> that's great. so festive. >> i need you to model these for me. jesse did before. now it's your turn from jimmy crystal, new york.
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
huge assortment. normally $28, everything today from snapper-up is slashed big time. 10 to 20 bucks for all of these and more than 50 styles online. >> thank you. thank you to the companies for providing these great deals. you know how to do it, get the link, codes on our website, on yahoo! and exclusive extra deal you will only find on the website. now over to gorgeous ginger. >> come on back with me. i wanted to say happy birthday. 21st. how exciting. 21st birthday. we are not celebrating in southern ohio but rather the flash flooding and dealing with it still. thank you, chris white from wsyx for sending these brand-new images in. more rain coming. flash flood warningswith heavy and gusty wind. thunderstorms may redevelop this afternoon and evening. a few could be severe. warm and muggy in the mid 80s. overnight the storms come to an
8:26 am
cloudy skies. lows around 70. partly sunny on friday with isolated t-showers. a nice weekend with seasonable temperatures in the mid 80s. unsettled early next week. >> that was jessica, by the way turning 21. coming up abc news exclusive now with facebook's sheryl sandberg opening up about leaning in as a single mom and her new campaign. stay with us. so much more right here on "good morning america."
8:27 am
. this is a good morning washington update. wet weather sticking around for much of the morning. here's jackie . heavy rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds can be expected this morning. we'll get a break in the afternoon with isolated thunderstorms in the evening hours. some of our thunderstorms could be severe. we have a slight risk of ha across our region. damaging winds and flash flooding be our big concerns. the weekend is looking better with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. unsettle next week . the weather certainly impacting the morning
8:28 am
traveling through prince george's county. through fairfax county, also you are on the brakes towards the american legion bridge and we're dealing with slow traffic at naylor roa a big hole on edsel road until alexandria. right now crews are still working to make those repairs. virginia water says they had to open up a separate section of concrete to fix two valves . and a major ruling in baltimore now less than two hours away. at ten this morning a judge is expected to announce his verdict in the trial of baltimore officer caesar goodson. he is charged in the
8:29 am
death of freddie gray. and we'll bring that verdict to you live when it happens here
8:30 am
tomorrow, summer is about to get super hot when brad paisley steps into central park. ♪ we make up brad paisley tomorrow only on -- >> good morning america. >> presented by king's hawaiian. we can't wait for our great friend brad paisley to be here taking over central park tomorrow so you can come on down. is the weather going to be as nice tomorrow as it is today. >> i mean this is pretty perfect so, you know. >> well, you know the music will make it all better. >> the music makes everything great. >> grilling with chris santos, can't wait for that. we got to get inside to amy and her big interview this morning. >> thanks. now to my interview with sheryl sandberg. chief operating officer at
8:31 am
facebook. her campaign, together women can kicks off and celebrating women supporting each other and i talked about her with that and how she's made it through what's been an extremely difficult year. >> together we can raise our voices. >> together -- >> we can stand up to anything and anyone. >> call it the sandberg effect. >> when women lean in together we accomplish amazing things. >> let's lean in. >> let's lean in. >> let's lean in. >> all: together. >> reporter: women at the top of their files lending their voices to support sheryl sandberg's new campaign together women can. >> this campaign is celebrating the women who have helped each other and how we continue to help each other. we see all the time women supporting other women and i think there's a myth out there that women don't and it's not true. >> i think that those myths do exist that women are there to tear each other down competing with one another. why do you think those myths exist and that culture exists. >> i think it's expectations also. when two men have a disagreement at work they're having a
8:32 am
when two women have that same disagreement at work it's a catfight and so we need to understand that women can speak with strong voices and that doesn't make them mean. >> how can women help other women? >> there are small everyday things women can do to help other women in the workplace. men get credit more easily for their ideas than women so coming to the table and saying, this was a great project and this was based on real's idea is another way we can celebrate each other. >> together women can is the latest mission from the facebook coo and disney board member's lean in organization. the mother of two also talking about coping after the sudden loss of her husband dave goldberg last may. you have been very open and very honest in sharing the professional struggles you've been through as a woman. i know this last year you've had incredible personal struggles as well. i want to ask how you're doing. >> i'm doing better. it's a struggle, you know, i miss dave still, but i know i don't have any choice other than to keep going and i
8:33 am
because i look deep and i find the resilience inside myself not every minute and every day but as much as i can. >> by being open and being vulnerable and sharing pain and heartbreak you help others get through a very similar circumstance. i'm sure i've heard from women around the world. >> it's been a challenge. i don't think i naturally would have been as open about this but once this happened, everyone knew and i didn't really have that much choice. there are so many people who are struggling with something in their lives and we get through it by leaning in together. >> what have you learned about yourself since you decided to lean in? >> i learned a lot and i think after i lost my husband i went through another phase of really having to dig deep and find the belief in myself i could keep going, that i could do, function as a single mother, that i will be able to do my job and take care of my children and, you know, i have resources others don't have and i'm aware of that and i'm grateful for that and i think we need to
8:34 am
better job supporting single mothers because there are so many out there who need our help. >> what's your greatest hope for this campaign? >> my greatest hope is that we will recognize what's already happening which is that women are supporting other women. we will celebrate the women helping us and get rid of the myth that women are other women's worst enemies because they're not. and we will start celebrating leadership in women and little girls everywhere. >> we are all on the same team. >> now sheryl says if the current trend continues women will achieve parity with men in top corporate positions in about 100 years. she says women cannot wait that long and that's why women have to act now to support one another and, men, we need your help too by the way. let's go outside to ginger, someone i support and love. >> oh, love you back, amy. this is boon and willa. did you know you could cook a roast in a car? >> no. >> i didn't know that either but guess what, our affiliate ktnv did it because it's been so hot in las vegas and it works. they were eating it in
8:35 am
newsroom. 109 yesterday in las vegas. obviously they were much warmer earlier in the week but that cumulative heat going on. i want to take a look at the heat advisories in the middle of the nation. poplar bluff in southern illinois and indiana on alert. heat indices with that humidity is going to be above 100 for aw and gusty wind. thunderstorms may redevelop this afternoon and evening. p2]5could be sever. warm and muggy in the mid 80s. overnight the storms come to an end with mostly >> this weather report brought to you by charmin ultra strong. >> the megahit "independence day" blasted into theaters in 1996. 20 years, unbelievable, well, fast forward 0 years, we have the highly anticipated sequel "independence day: resurgence." it opens tomorrow and none other than abc's nick watt sitting down with the cast who shared
8:36 am
>> they're coming back. >> reporter: here's the headline. there's a hemsworth in this one. it's liam, my and miley's favorite, just a baby when the original came out 20 years ago. >> the technology has caught up. you can do something different. >> yeah, absolutely. we have a lot more technology to do bigger things now i think. that sounded stupid. >> what? >> i'm just going to call it out. i should have left it at what you said. that was fine. >> reporter: newbie jesse usher steps into will smith's character, now a pilot trying to save the planet alongside hemsworth. >> we're going down. >> you know, lost his parents to the audience and spent the last 20 years preparing for them to come back. >> on this day in 199 of the world escaped the clutches of extinction. >> everybody gets over religious, political, petty differences. >> we ha t
8:37 am
them. >> we all come together unified to save our species. it's so timely with the state of the world. >> our survival is only possible when we stand together. >> reporter: syla ward is in charge. >> i'm a kick [ bleep ] president. she's definitive. she is decisive and she will pull the trigger. >> nice. >> we could use some of that. >> reporter: mica monroe plays the former president's daughter who now works in the white house. the former president has now gone a little nuts. >> wonderful played by bill pullman. >> brad spiner back. >> you still have the cool hair. >> i still have wonderful hair. it's better. it's longer, it's whiter. >> when you're making the first one did you know it was going to be great, iconic. >> well, i took -- jeff goldblum said to me at lunch i think this will be really good and turned out to be pretty good. >> we never had a chance. >> is there any kind of fear
8:38 am
>> we didn't last time. >> absolutely not. >> we convinced an entire generation that this is a battle that we could win. >> great movie. >> let's show them some fireworks. >> they just let me see the movie. don't worry. they didn't mess it up. i promise. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> nick, thanks so much. the 20-year wait is over, "independence day: resurgence" opens nationwide tomorrow. can't wait for that, robin. 0 years. >> who can believe it, 20 years. now to those hollywood superstars having a roaring good time at last night's daily mail's party and in the south of france. the famous names looking glamorous on the red carpet enjoying a sizzling performance from jason derulo. who else was supposed to be there but had to come back to work. abc's lama hasan was there for all the fun, though. ♪ >> reporter: celebrities descending on cannes for
8:39 am
cannes lions international festival where a-lister like gwyneth paltrow joined in and the party was the hottest ticket in town. >> i wouldn't miss it for the world. it's in cannes. >> reporter: from big screen superstars like jeremy renner walking the red carpet to small screen royalty, lana parrilla from abc's "once upon a time"? i'm very happy to be here. this is great. >> reporter: red carpet regular blac chyna that speaking out about her pregnancy and love rob kardashian. >> we're so excited about the new baby. we are newly engaged. i think we're going to send out our wedding invites next rear yrt own martha stewart showed up for the affair. >>ing 13, the daily mail really treated us to a lovely evening. >> reporter: she live sweeted the evening sharing this photo after being bowled over by singer jason
8:40 am
performance. ♪ i'm riding stole low >> the biggest party of the night and i can't wait to the next time. we have to do it again. >> reporter: for abc news, lama hasan, london. >> oh. >> it would be really cool to be will. >> i'd love to be will. >> i wonder who gets to go. >> the reason they're teasing this is i was there for the other aspect of cannes lions. >> seize a rock star. >> no, no, no. it's a conversations, creative minds there met the founder of airbnb, founder of snapchat. i mean but, yeah, we do party, as well. >> oh, yeah, there's that. >> but the bosses said come home and so i came home. happily so. happily so. >> you represented us well. >> thank you. >> creative minds. >> what was. coming up, penelope wilton. >> you know her. >> i love her. >> uh-huh. also she's in the new movie "the bfg" a
8:41 am
>> so happy you came
8:42 am
8:43 am
i loved, we all loved penelope wilton as isabelle in
8:44 am
moving up in the ranks playing the queen in "the bfg" take a look. the queen awakens after a very believable dream about giants to find a little girl on her windowsill. >> how in the world did you get there? >> well -- >> let me take care of this, mum. come down. >> no, don't do that. a giant put you there. >> yes, he did, mum. he's waiting in the garden now. >> and dame penelope wilton joins us now. congratulations are in order. the queen made you a dame. so i don't know the pote cole. should i courtesy, bow? >> i'm expecting everyone to bow and courtesy all the time. >> what was that moment like for you. >> it was real surreal. you never think, why would you go around thinking you'll ever be made a dame but it was -- i heard about six weeks ago and then you're given a note saying
8:45 am
and so that's all you hear and then, of course, you don't hear anything for six weeks and i thought i had dreamt it really. >> well, and then now you're playing the queen in "the bfg" how do you think the queen will react to your portrayal? >> well, we'll wait and see. i hope she likes it. otherwise, she might say i'm having second thoughts about the damehood. i don't know. >> what was your first time working with director steven spielberg like? i can't imagine as an actress getting to work with a legend like that. >> well, can you imagine? i'm sitting there minding my own business, actually i was going to be starting "downton abbey" and my agent rang me and said steven spielberg would like you to be in his film and i said, you know, that's a sort of joke at home. people say, i can't come out shopping because, you know, steven spielberg's just called. i'm going to be in his film so i said, no, stop it. >> you have the queen writing you letters.
8:46 am
steven spielberg calling you at home. what's it like being you. >> it's quite good and i just got a grandchild two weeks ago. >> congratulation, the best news of them all. >> i have a little girl named ella rose so i'm really, really lucky at the moment. >> i love that. we all love and i just have to bring it back up because you became a baroness in "downton abbey" but the relationship you had with maggie smith's character is epic. i want toic that a quick look at your first meeting because it kind of sums up your relationship from that day forward. >> what should we call each other? >> well, we could always start with mrs. crawley and lady grantham. >> that was tame to where you went at the dinner table so many types. >> yes, yes. >> and the relationship evolved in a beautiful way, did it not? >> it did, yes, except i wished that julian had given moo he a few more put-downers, i mean maggie often used to win. >> she had zingers. >> and used to be zigzag mouth on me. >> well, we can continue to enjoy them in reruns because i
8:47 am
incredible show and what a wonderful movie. thank you so much, penelope for being with us, dame penelope and grandma penelope. "the bfg" hits theaters july 1st. coming up, cooking up delicious pizza and chris santos getting the grill now at havertys furniture, it's our 4th of july sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until july 4th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. plus, you'll get an extra ten-percent off accessories! and, we're offering thirty-six month, no-interest financing. come in today for savings in every room. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the 4th of july sale!
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o contemporary. havertys.
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so happy because chef chris santos is with us. he just opened a brand-new addition of his hot restaurant. it's called beauty in essex. also a lounge at the cosmopolitan in las vegas. he's in the big apple this morning. great grilling i love all the dishes you're preparing. in addition to all of your other things you're the spokesperson for vegas. you say great destination in the summer. >> amazing. i just got back there yesterday from two separate mons in las vegas getting essex open. it's such a spectacular fascinating city, shopping, the night
8:50 am
play there. pool parties in the summer which is why you should go now, the best pool parties. >> i heard vegas might be a little hot. >> so many great restaurants. >> including beauty and essex which if you've never been to a very big hot spot. >> been lucky. popular since we opened here and we're at the cosmopolitan. >> very cool hotel. >> the synergy between our look and feel and their look and feel is great. >> jesse, i can hear you chewing down there. jesse is already mouthing the meal. >> we're busy. >> vegas is so much fun. summertime. >> yay to grilling. chef chris, let's talk about this. >> signature item that's on the beauty and essex menu in new york and vegas. >> flatbread. high gluten. fuhr or five ingredients. go to your favorite pizza shop. >> what's your sauce? >> it's a san marzano tomato sauce and
8:51 am
you can get online but that concentrates the tomato flavor. something to think about with the dough, you want to par grill it in advance, so like with this par grilled as you can see we have it over here. >> tomato toss and olive oil then the cheese. >> on high heat on both sides. >> this is a ricotta. >> barotta. >>le trying to sound like a foodie. that was so lame. >> i'm not even trying to make you get your hands dirty because you have that pretty dress on. >> i'll do part two. >> goes on the grill. voila, the magic of tv. >> the magic of television in this part i can handle. zucchini. add the secret vegetable. >> crispy eggplant. >> oh, shoot. i got the wrong cheese. i said zucchini. they don't look big enough. >> eggplant. >> a japanese eggplant. >> you could do see kini. >> you could bread a whole bunch and freeze them and have them ready to go did divine, jesse, i know you're already eating yours.
8:52 am
now in the food race but absolutely we're giving it the two thumbs up. >> a second cheese. >> okay. >> a little baratta -- i'm sorry whipped ricotta. top it with basil, parmesan cheese. >> and we are done. >> delicious, right. >> you have two dishes that you brought and we are running out of time. >> we're running out of time already? >> let's talk about the mac and cheese. >> mac and cheese, jalapeno mac and cheese. >> short rib. >> is it good? >> this looks like it could be complicated. >> that looks delicious. get a shot of that. >> oh. >> it's not. a little bechamel sauce, pickled jalapeno, short ribs, bread crumbs. >> nice kick to it. just enough. >> and the third dish on our website is your corn dish. >> the mexican style elote. cilantro, chili,
8:53 am
>> what is your favorite. >> the corn is my favorite by far. >> chewing it for the pizza. >> you can now have dessert. chris santos, thank you so much. talking with my mouth full. >> see you in vegas. >> come see me in vegas. >> i will. all the recipes, on yahoo! we will be right back. get these recipes, so good. "gma's" summer grilling brought to you by las vegas. summer like nowhere else. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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♪ welcome to my house we are excited for sunday's fun and games on abc. our own michael strahan hosts "$100,000 pyramid." we can't wait to see that or you tonight on "world news tonight," david. >> we don't give away $100,000 but we give you the news. see you tomorrow. . rain is moving through our region. here's jackie. >> heavy rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds can
8:57 am
maybe 11:00 o'clock this morning. i think we'll get a break in the action in the midday hours with more isolated thunderstorms late this afternoon. some of our thunderstorms would be severe. we have a slight risk of that across our region. damaging winds and flash flooding will be our big concer it is a heavy ride with the rain coming down around the area. heavy delays on both the inner and outer loops. a live look in fairfax county as you can see as you leave the american legion bridge. as why leave the woodrow wilson bridge, tied up on the inner and outer loop. delays start before branch after and on the gorge washington parkway a slow pace . now some top stories. and
8:58 am
facing the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray. expect to learn his fate in a little more than an hour. and as soon as the verdict for caesar goodson is announced at 10:00 a.m. we'll bring that to you live here on abc 7. and summaries -- some residentses should be sees a break in the water break-in break mess. the mass i break left not one but two holes in edsell road. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington on newschannel8 right now. hope you have a great day
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly." today the beautiful and talented cameron diaz. plus from the movie "the spy," ben falcone. and gloria vanderbilt gives us a glimpse into her incredible life. plus anderson cooper takes the seat next to kelly. all next on "live." audience: [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! audience: [cheering] kelly: [indistinct] yeah. hi! hi! anderson: hey, hey.


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